Hearing Impaired

"What matters deafness of the ears when the mind hears?"
Victor Hugo


  • Mrs J. Agnew (DHT)
  • Miss P. Airlie
  • Miss F. Boyle
  • Mrs S. Donnelly
  • Mrs E. Harris (Peripatetic)
  • Miss L. Kinstrie
  • Mrs A. McDermott
  • Mrs P. Nielsen
  • Mrs Y. Savage
  • Mrs R. Skirka
  • Mrs J. Watson

The hearing impaired pupils attending Dalziel High School have a severe to profound hearing loss. This can have serious implications for the development of language and speech, which in turn may affect educational achievement across the curriculum.

In order to maximise their learning, individual and group support is provided from Teachers of the Deaf in mainstream classes. In addition, tutorials are provided in the Hearing Impaired Department. The level and type of support is tailored to the needs of each pupil. This ensures that pupils are given the opportunity to take advantage of the widest possible range of educational experiences.

Hearing impaired pupils have full access to the mainstream curriculum. Teachers of the Deaf, trained in all aspects of deaf education including speech and language development, work in conjunction with mainstream staff to maximise each pupil’s potential. The Department uses a natural oral approach, supported by the use of Soundfield Speaker Systems in almost every room in the school.