Hearing Impaired

"What matters deafness of the ears when the mind hears?"
Victor Hugo


  • Mrs J. Agnew (0.6 DHT)
  • Mrs Y. Savage (0.4 DHT)
  • Miss P. Airlie
  • Miss F. Boyle
  • Mrs S. Donnelly
  • Mrs L. Francis
  • Mrs E. Harris (Peripatetic)
  • Miss L. Kinstrie
  • Mr N. McCue
  • Mrs A. McDermott
  • Mrs P. Nielsen
  • Mrs R. Skirka
  • Mrs J. Watson
  • Mr S. Whiteford

The hearing impaired pupils attending Dalziel High School have severe to profound hearing loss. In order to maximise their learning, individual and group support is provided by Teachers of the Deaf in mainstream classes with additional tutorials sessions in the Hearing Impaired Department. The level and type of support offered is tailored to the specific needs of each pupil. Our pupils are ensured that they will have every opportunity to enjoy the widest possible range of educational experiences.

Hearing impaired pupils have full access to the mainstream curriculum. Teachers of the Deaf, trained in all aspects of deaf education - including speech and language development - work in conjunction with mainstream staff to maximise each pupil’s potential. The Department uses a natural oral approach, supported by the use of Soundfield Speaker Systems in almost every room in the school.

Our Pupils

This year we have a total of 22 pupils ranging from S2 to S6. Our pupils are covering the Broad General Education from S1-S3 in a variety of subjects. Our senior pupils are studying subjects from National 3 to Advanced Higher. All pupils receive support across the curriculum and in the Hearing Impaired Department from our Teachers of the Deaf.

Partnership with other Agencies

In order to support our deaf pupils, the department works in collaboration with various external agencies such as Audiology, Speech and Language Therapy, Psychological Services, Social Work and Skills Development Scotland. We have positive links with deaf agencies such as NDCS, WSDCS and Action on Hearing Loss.

This year representatives from Action on Hearing Loss came into the school to speak to our pupils regarding career choices and college courses. This was then built on by a visit to the University of Glasgow’s Careers Event aimed specifically at deaf pupils.

Our pupils also took part in a Financial Awareness course organised by the Bank of Scotland and some of our senior pupils went on to attend a Budgeting Event organised by Barclay’s Bank.

Partnership with Parents

We work very closely with the parents and carers of our deaf pupils to ensure that the individual needs of their children are being met. This is achieved through annual review meetings, target reviews each term for their GIRFme Plan, CSPs, Parents’ Evenings and our own department’s Parent Information/Social Evenings. We value the input from parents and carers and continue to work together as a caring community to ensure a holistic approach to our pupils’ education so that they may thrive and flourish in school and beyond.



Whole School Activities

Pupils are involved in all aspects of school life: taking part in School Shows, the Choral Shield, school excursions such as The Belgium/France trip, the English Department’s visit to London, Blackpool Trip, Outward Bound, M&Ds Rewards Trip and visits to the Scottish Parliament.

In addition, our pupils participate in a number of sporting events throughout the school year such as the County Athletics Championships, Dalziel Sports Day representing their houses in shot put, javelin, 100m, 200m and the relay. Our pupils are also involved in the Ski/Snowboard club, which takes place in the Glasgow Ski Centre every Monday/Thursday.

Our junior pupils were in fine voice cheering on their houses during the annual Junior Quiz. Greig House were this year’s winners, which produced several smiles from our Greig pupils and teachers in HID.

Our pupils are also involved in whole school initiatives to promote a positive and inclusive ethos. We have representatives in the Dalziel Stands Up To Bullying group and our pupils have been involved in charity events and walks.

Our department and pupils are committed to raising Deaf Awareness within the school where they visit assemblies to present to all year groups about the issues that are important to them.

The Christmas Dances are also very popular where pupils from S1-S6 have a wonderful time with their peers as they Ceilidh dance the night away.

HID Activities

Deaf pupils at Dalziel are given the opportunity to participate in an annual Deaf Football Tournament and take part in weekly training sessions in preparation for this. The pupils also compete in Disability Scotland’s Athletics Championships.

In February our pupils were given the opportunity to take part in a Football training camp run by the SFA. The event took place in Toryglen Regional Football Centre and included deaf pupils from all over Scotland. Our pupils were able to hone their skills and we even had some of our novice footballers picking up tips from the trained professionals.

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Deaf Football Festival

On Friday 9 June two teams from Dalziel’s HID Department took part in the West of Scotland Deaf Children’s Society’s Annual Football Tournament. The Dalziel Senior team were determined to retain the trophy which they won last year. They put in a brave performance and came second. The Junior Team also performed well, finishing a very respectable fifth. Whilst the weather was not as good as we would have hoped, all pupils were fully involved and made the event a huge success.

Wider Opportunities

Within the school there are many opportunities made available to our pupils to socialise and broaden their horizons. The ethos is to promote a nurturing and stimulating environment for them to learn and grow. As a result, our pupils have gained their Duke of Edinburgh Award, attended the Fire Reach initiative, Link college courses, and a careers event that is specifically dedicated to offer a range of information for pupils with Additional Support Needs. The recent STEM Careers Event and talk on Apprenticeships were also popular with our pupils as many wish to seek out careers in these industries. Our senior pupils offer additional support by buddying junior pupils and they attend the Social Den and the Social Den’s Breakfast Club.


Our pupils have a wide range of achievements including:

  • vital role as an Anti-Bullying Representative
  • travelled to Barcelona with their football team
  • become a wonderful pianist and will perform at our next Parent/Social Evening
  • designed an earphone holder for cochlear implant using a 3D Printer
  • attending snowboarding club after school
  • awarded a yellow belt in karate
  • taken part in national BMX and athletics competitions

Positive Destinations

Over the years, deaf pupils at Dalziel have gone on to a variety of positive destinations such as higher education, further education and employment. Currently some of our former pupils are employed in areas such as journalism, Government statistics, pharmacy, sports and leisure and retail. Last year’s S6 cohort secured places at University and College to study Engineering, BioMedical Sciences and Music Technology.

Pupil Comments

Our pupils’ voices are central to our department’s ethos. As part of our learning community we seek to give all our pupils a voice so that they are involved in the decisions that affect their wellbeing.

“Group discussions are really good because we expand our thinking and ideas.”

“I find it useful going over class work and it helps me when I’ve missed work. I can go over it in HID.”

“I like the small groups, easy to ask questions and it’s quiet.”

“We get help with team work.”

“Help reading book. I feel happy to work writing in my jotter.”

“I work so well in HID because I learn more new things.”

“It’s fun! Narrative Stance Dance video or pictures.”

“HID has helped me become more responsible for myself.”

“I had to do things but I only had to ask for help.”

“Getting support helped me with the Maths course.”

“Being able to revise and discuss things I have learned in class helped me to really understand the themes and ideas.”


Action Hearing Loss
Action Hearing Loss

NHS Lanarkshire - Audiology
NHS Lanarkshire - Audiology

Scottish Sensory Centre
Scottish Sensory Centre

Soundfield Information


Royal Hospital for Children
Royal Hospital for Children

West of Scotland Deaf Children’s Society
West of Scotland Deaf Children’s Society