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  • Curriculum for Excellence is Scotland’s response to an ever-more challenging and fast-changing world and workplace. It aims to raise standards and increase ambition. Change, as ambitious and far reaching as this, takes time and as parents of Dalziel pupils, we want to involve you in each development stage.
    Broad General Education is one of the key terms used in Curriculum for Excellence. Each area of the curriculum in Broad General Education is broken down into experiences and outcomes often called Es & Os. The E’s & O’s describe the expectations for learning and progression within each curriculum area.
    Click here to view the departments’ S1 CfE course outlines. These outlines explain how they link in with E’s & O’s and the timeframe, activities etc linked to each area of the course.
  • Please find below the report from our recent review of the Customer Service Excellence Award 2014. The report is very positive and is testament to the work done by our school every day.

    We have retained the Customer Service Excellence Award with a glowing report , no categories marked as only Partial Compliance and an increase to five categories marked as Compliance Plus ( defined as ' Behaviours or practices which exceed the requirements of the standard and are viewed as exceptional or as an exemplar to others, either within the applicant's organisation or the wider public service arena').

    This is a fantastic achievement for our school.

  • Change to New School Day
    As of August 2014, all North Lanarkshire High Schools are moving to a new model of 33 periods.
    There will be full consultation with parents in January. Click on the link below to view the proposed new model for Dalziel High School.

  • Barcelona Trip - 4th - 10th June 2014
    Letters are being given out with information about the Parents' Meeting on Thursday 16th May at 4.30pm. This is a short meeting, during which details of the journey, the itinerary, packing and spending money amongst other things will be discussed.

    In the folder, which your child will have, there is a Parental Consent Form and an order form for the Tour T-Shirt. Both of these should be returned signed, in the folder if possible, after the holidays.

    The participants are all insured by the NLC Insurance policy and each person must have their own passport and EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). This card is available Free of Charge on line from the official government website.

Chris McIntyre Photography

This years Sponsor of "The Buddy Holly Story"

Dalziel High School is proud to announce a new partnership between Chris McIntyre Photography and our School Show – The Buddy Holly Story.

Chris, a former pupil and Vice-Captain left last year to pursue his dream of establishing a photography business. Already his impressive portfolio is helping to establish his name as one of the best photographers in the area and the tag line of his advertising encapsulates Chris’ attitude to photography ‘Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still’.

You can find out more about Chris by visiting www.chrismcintyrephotography.co.uk.

Chris is also studying for a BA degree in Technical & Production Arts at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (formerly RSAMD).