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  • Any parents/guardians wishing to apply for free school meals or clothing grants can download an application form via www.northlanarkshire.go.uk/freeschoolmeals or collect a form from the School Office.

    Any parents/guardians who applied last year should have either been sent a letter advising them of their entitlement and automatic award or an application form for completion.

    Applications relating to the new term will be accepted by First Stop Shops from the first week in May. Early submissions are encouraged to ensure clothing grants are made and free school meals are registered for the start of the new session.

    EMA forms for Session 2015-2016 are now available from the School Office.

  • We are celebrating our best ever SQA 2015 results at Dalziel High School. Our pupils performed magnificently well in the new National examinations and also in the Higher examinations.

    A record number of our pupils have achieved straight As in the S4 examinations and our Higher results have improved again this year with even more pupils passing more Highers. Our S6 cohort leave us this year with a record level of achievements with 49% of our pupils leaving with 5 higher passes.

    We are all delighted to see the hard work pay off for our pupils and the recognition of the tremendous dedication of staff and support from parents.

    We are delighted to celebrate the success of 10 pupils who received 8As in their S4 National 5 examinations. Congratulations to: Emma Knox, Christopher Yau, Cameron Paterson, Jack Loban, Ross Hendry, Eva Davis, Lynn Smeliie, Rowan Duffy, Dayna Mathie and Ifra Shah.

    Congratualtion to our S5 pupils who achieved 5As in their Higher examinations we are delighted with their success. Roslyn Jessney, Rachel Beresford, Matthew Fricker, Rachel Morrison and Lauren Cameron.

Pan Lanarkshire Athletics

The annual Pan Lanarkshire Athletics event took place at the brand new John Cummings Athletics Stadium at Carluke last week.

This is, first of all, a marvellous facility boasting an 8-lane track and 4G astro surface. Unfortunately the North Lanarkshire team were struggling right from the outset due to the postponed North Lanarkshire finals day, there was precious little time to get a squad organised with several events completely devoid of NLC representatives.

Dalziel usually has a good sized group involved but with several other trips organised for the Pan Lanarkshire Day several athletes were unable to attend.Very pleasingly the Dalziel athletes on show all made important contributions returning from Carluke with a medal each.

The results were as follows:

  • Alex Dunn
  • Gold S1 Boys 800m, Bronze S1 Boys Long Jump

  • Craig Connacher
  • Silver S2 Boys 200m

  • Alison McNeill
  • Silver S2 Girls Javelin

  • Carla Jackson
  • Silver S2 Girls Long Jump

  • Chloe Thomson
  • Bronze S2 Girls 100m

  • S2 Girls Relay squad
  • Carla Jackson, Chloe Thomson, Nicole Sutherland, Kaitlyn Best) Bronze S2 Girls 4x100m Relay

Despite the above achievements, South ran out very convincingly with a massive win over North.

Here’s to next year!