Dalziel High Cross Country

The NLC Cross Country competition took place at Airdrie sports Centre last week and Dalziel as usual had a good representation in attendance.

Preparations for the event had been disrupted because the Inter-house event scheduled for late February was postponed due to poor weather, this meaning that selection was based on early session results rather than current form and without any recent training.

The early races involving the S1 and S2 pupils took place in chilly but dry conditions but things went pear-shaped later as rain and sleet swept the course, soaking participants and officials to the skin. ‘Drowned rats’ was an apt description as the runners clawed their way over the course, the only saving grace being that this month has been fairly dry which meant that while there was mud it was inches rather than feet deep.

At the end of the day Dalziel can take pride in securing 2 individual awards and 3 team awards. The S1 Boys were awarded 3rd place in their event but following a check it was discovered that an error had been made and that they were not after all in the medals. Regardless of this the results means that Dalziel retains its place at the top of those NLC schools in this competition.

Awards were made as follows:

  • S3 Girls Bronze: Zoe Hawkins
  • S3 Boys Bronze: Felix O’Neill

Team-S2 Girls Silver

  • Louise Rankin
  • Fern Weir
  • Jennifer Reilly

Team-S3 Boys Silver

  • Alan McCulloch
  • Kyle Kerr
  • Felix O’Neill

Team-S3 Girls Silver

  • Katie Hill
  • Zoe Hawkins
  • Christy Davis