Dalziel High Rugby

The second round of matches for the Active Schools Rugby Sevens took place at Dunbeth Park, Coatbridge this week.

Sadly the attendance levels which had been good at the first round were much poorer with no S3 teams available and only two schools providing teams at S1.
This was a real disappointment but it did allow Dalziel’s squad to get another run out.

The two other sides represented the host school and a round robin series of games took place followed by a larger game.

Dalziel recorded wins in all three games courtesy of tries from:

  • Game 1: Adam Skelton, Oscar Logan, Cameron Marshall, Griffin Jackson and Lleyton Kearney
  • Game 2: Jackson (2), Kyle McAllister-Keenan, Logan and Andrew Sneddon (2)
  • Game 3: Logan, Kearney and Sneddon who also added a conversion.

A 3rd round is scheduled for 27th May at Dalziel Park but this will only be possible if more teams are available to participate.