HMIe Inspection Report

On Tuesday 11th November 2008, the HMIe Inspection Report on Dalziel High School was published.

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HMIe Inspection Report

On sending a copy of the Report to parents, the Rector issued the following letter:

Dear Parent/Guardian

You may well remember that, last June, we were visited by HM Inspectors who carried out a full inspection of our School. The actual method of inspections was a pilot for a new way of inspecting schools throughout the country and which came into force for every school, in August.

Due to a number of technical reasons, beyond anyoneโ€™s control, the findings of our Inspection were not published until now and I have much pleasure in sending you a copy of it.

On reading it you will see that this is an absolutely fabulous report and one of the best ever published. I am, naturally, delighted with it and am very proud that the hard work and efforts of everyone involved with our School have been recognised in such a positive way by HM Inspectors. I hope that you are likewise.

We have set ourselves the highest of standards and we cannot let them fall. I trust that you support us in our aim and, together, we will do all that we can to ensure that the pupils in Dalziel receive the best possible education and equip them for a successful future on leaving the School.

Enjoy the report.

Yours sincerely

Brian Miller

HMIe Inspection Report

Other quotes regarding the inspection were made. These included:

Councillor Jim Logue, Convener of North Lanarkshire Councilโ€™s Learning & Leisure Services: "I am very proud of everyone associated with Dalziel High School. This is a fantastic report and is a terrific achievement for both the school and North Lanarkshire Council, which is committed to providing opportunities for all young people in all our schools to help raise achievement for all."

Christine Pollock, Executive Director of Learning & Leisure Services: "This report is among the best ever for a Scottish school and recognises the tremendous amount of work that goes into creating a quality teaching and learning environment; a school where young people can flourish and develop into responsible citizens of tomorrow."

Jack McConnell MSP, Motherwell and Wishaw: "Dalziel High School is an outstanding example of the best of Scottish education. The staff, pupils and parents all work very hard to achieve these standards and they deserve this successful result."

HMIe Inspection Report