Wider Achievements

Wider Achievement Programme

Achievement within Dalziel High School is classified under the following areas:

  • SQA National, Higher & Advanced Highers qualifications
  • SQA Wider Achievement qualifications
  1. Dynamic Youth Award Hi 5 (P7)
  2. Dynamic Youth Awards (S1 into S2)
  3. S1-S3 Personal Achievement Awards (Nurture Group)
  4. S4 Work Placement Level 5
  5. S5-6 Mental Health Awareness (Ambassador Programme)
  6. S6 Leadership Award (Subject Buddies, STAR Buddies & House Officials)
  • Diana Awards (S6)
  • Saltire Awards (Various volunteering events)
  • Competitions (across all curricular areas)
  • Activities (across all curricular areas)
  • Trips (across all curricular areas)

A matrix outlining the Wider Achievement programme across curricular areas within Dalziel High School is detailed in Appendix 1.

Note: all of the above Wider Achievement events are established within the Dalziel High School Wider Achievement programme.

In 2018/19 Dalziel will add the SQA recognized wider achievement awards.