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As you may know, Dalziel has its very own ANTI-BULLYING campaign. We called the campaign DSUTB which stands for Dalziel Stands Up To Bullying.

We made the slogan “Record it, report it, don’t support it”. We think this is one of Dalziel’s biggest chances of stopping all bullying. We are dedicated to making Dalziel a positive and friendly environment where pupils can learn and achieve their full potential.

Over 30 pupils work hard behind the scenes to put together a campaign and lots of fun events. So far we have had the Kindness Week, pupil assemblies and Parent Association presentations with lots more to come!

Contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Group Members:
Michael Bolat, Aaron Davies, Finn Lavery, Carys Ferguson, Alice Smith, Ellie Magee, Josh Tobin, Scott Reid and Colin Gass.


Policy & Branding

We are the policy & branding group consisting of nine pupils Michael Bolat, Alice Smith, Ellie Magee, Josh Tobin, Carys Ferguson, Finn Lavery, Aaron Davies, Scott Ried and Colin Gass. We focus on logos, slogans and the policies of Dalziel Stands Up To Bullying.

Our slogan is "Record it, report it and don’t support".

Here is our Logo that we created:

We have presented our ideas and values to the Parent Association, who said that they loved it.

Plans for the Future:

  • Annual review of school anti-bullying policy
  • Presenting to the staff regarding the DSUTB campaign
  • Update local press on events
  • Update website

School Culture & Environment

Our group is responsible for keeping the environment in the school as positive and bully-free as possible. To do this, we have created posters to show helplines that people can go to if they are struggling in any way. We also have a bulletin board that we update to keep pupils updated on what the next event is and if DSUTB are going to be holding anything within the school.
We also assess the school environment to see if there are any areas or year groups in the school that may need some extra support against bullying, such as more members of staff at that particular area or holding assemblies to make pupils aware of the psychological dangers that bullying could cause and what the outcome may be if you are bullying someone.
To make pupils around the school aware of a committee in the school that stands up against bullying in all forms, we make sure to put our logo on every newsletter we send out and on every poster we make.

Group Members:

  • Anna Kampl – S3
  • Charnjit Dhanda – S2
  • Hira Ahmad – S3
  • Sam Forsyth – S1
  • Dominic Moynagh – S1
  • Emma Morrison – S2
  • Kyle Murray – S2

Supporting Pupils

Our group is responsible for making pupils feel supported and have some where to turn should they ever feel bullied. Our group also tries our hardest to make sure everyone can come to school and feel safe and welcomed. We have many different ways of rasing awareness to try and spread our DSUTB logo.

We have hosted assemblies to raise awareness of issues which might contribute to people feeling bullied such as LGBTI and cyber bullying. Pupils can get in contact with us using our email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Group Members:

  • Kyle Murray
  • Saif ramzan
  • Ross Ferguson
  • Lewis Carle
  • Kyle McCauley
  • Abbey Blackwood
  • Emma McColl
  • Craig Fleming
  • Chloe fleming