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S1/S2/S3 BGE

All pupils have drama lessons in S1 and S2. Pupils can then choose to study Drama in S3/4. Classes are practical in size (20) and the course work covers the 3 main elements of Creating, Presenting and Evaluating.

Pupils complete 5 units of work in S1:

  • Core Skills
  • Family Drama
  • Wild West
  • Titanic
  • Melodrama

Pupils complete 4 units of work in S2:

  • Character Voice and Movement
  • Scriptwriting (Radio Play)
  • ‘Missing’ – Documentary Drama
  • Local Legends

Pupils complete 5 units of work in S3:

  • Theatre Production Skills
  • Characterisation
  • Creative Movement
  • Make Up
  • Themed Project

Team work and co-operation are central to all drama activities and pupils will work in a variety of group formations to complete their practical tasks in class. Each unit of work will culminate in a live presentation to an audience of peers in class which pupils will then self and peer evaluate.

Pupils will also complete a number of written homework tasks throughout each unit to consolidate their learning from the classroom, as well as self-evaluations at the end of each unit of work and verbal and written peer evaluations in class. In S3, pupils will sit a number of Internal Responses and Terminology Tests to ensure they have retained all the necessary Knowledge and Understanding covered through their course and prepare them for the assessment requirements of the new SQA National Courses.

Theatre Visits

All pupils studying with the department are encouraged to attend the theatre and the department organises visits to professional theatre productions as often as possible. This helps to support the Knowledge and Understanding covered in class.

School Show

The annual School Show takes place in October every year and is a popular event in the school calendar. It involves approximately 150 pupils from S1 to S3 in performing and back stage roles. Auditions take place in March where every pupil hoping to perform on stage must act, sing and dance in front of a selected staff panel. Rehearsals for the show begin in April. The School Show week involves 5 performances to a combined audience of over 1000 people and is an excellent way for those pupils in the lower school to become involved in school activities and develop their skills and confidence.