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National 4/5

Course Content:

The purpose of the National 4/5 Drama course is to enable candidates to develop and use a range of drama skills and production skills.>br/>
Throughout the course, candidates will engage in a variety of individual, paired and group tasks which will enable them to develop:

  • a range of practical skills in creating and presenting drama
  • knowledge, understanding and the use of a range of drama production skills (sound, lighting, props, set design, make-up and costume)
  • knowledge and understanding of social and cultural influences on drama
  • the ability to respond to stimuli when creating drama
  • knowledge and understanding of form, structure, genre, style
  • the ability to generate and communicate meaning, thoughts and ideas when creating drama
  • voice, movement and characterisation skills
  • the ability to work collaboratively, sharing and using drama ideas
  • problem-solving, reflection, analysing and evaluation skills

Group Project

This unit will provide learners with the skills, knowledge and understanding to create and present drama through the use of a range of drama and production skills. Working as part of a group, learners will respond to stimuli, including text, to generate ideas and devise drama. They will explore and use a range of drama skills to create, portray and evaluate character. Through research, learners will explore the social and cultural influences on drama. They will learn how to analyse and evaluate their use of drama skills and the drama skills of others. They will develop ideas for the use of production skills to enhance their final performance which will be performed to a live audience, and will gain ‘hands on’ experience of providing technical support in areas such as lighting, sound, props and make up. Through this unit, candidates will complete a folio which will reflect on their practical work in class and help them prepare for the written element of the course.

Final Exam Performance (National 4):

The pupils choose a specialism (in either acting or a production role) within a group. They will complete a folio as evidence of their work throughout the creating and rehearsal process. They must present their finished drama as part of their group to a live audience.
Evidence of their work can be presented through folio, interviews, video recordings and logs.

The final assessment will be pass/fail for National 4.

Final Exam Performance (National 5):

The pupils choose a specialism (acting or a production role) and work to present a piece from a published script supported with a folio. They must perform their extract to an invited audience. This performance is assessed by a visiting examiner.
The performance is worth 60 marks out of the total of 100 marks for National 5, or 60% of the Course assessment.

This performance has two Sections:

Section 1: The practical performance to an audience (50 marks)

Section 2: The preparation for performance essay (10 marks)

Written exam (National 5 only):

The written exam lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.
This paper is worth 60 marks, which is then scaled to provide 40% of the Course assessment.

The written exam has two sections:

Section 1: This will be based on the acting or production role in your final performance exam. (20 marks) Section 2: You will choose from the stimuli provided in the paper, it may be a picture, poem, line of text or statement and the questions will be about creating a drama from the stimulus you choose. (40 marks)

The Course will be graded A–D.