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Higher Course Info

Course Content:

The Higher Drama course requires candidates to undertake study of one chosen text (Textual Analysis) and one performance they have viewed (Performance Analysis). Throughout the course they will analyse a range of aspects of these plays, including themes; characterisation; directing decisions; production areas, and then complete written responses to both in the final exam. The written exam will also require candidates to answer questions relating to their Textual Analysis from the role of a director or designer.
Candidates will also perform 2 contrasting acting pieces to a visiting assessor for the final performance exam.

Textual Analysis:

Candidates will study ‘The Crucible’ by Arthur Miller. They will complete practical activities which will allow them to explore the main themes and character relationships within the text, as well as gain an understanding of the historical background to the play. Candidates will complete essays throughout the course as preparation for the written exam question, and written responses exploring their role as a director or designer of the text.

Performance Analysis:

Candidates will attend a professional production of a chosen play early in the course. They will then analyse and explore various aspects of the production including acting; directing; production areas (lighting, sound, props, set design, costume, and make up). Candidates will complete essays throughout the course in preparation for the written exam question on this.

Final Performance:

The final performance is worth 60% of the Course assessment and pupils will choose two contrasting text extracts to perform for an external examiner. Candidates will prepare for this through a committed rehearsal process both in class and after school.

The written exam:

The written exam lasts 2 hours 30 minutes.
The written exam is worth 40% of the Course assessment and comprises of 3 sections:

  • Section 1 - candidates will complete one Textual Analysis essay (20 marks)
  • Section 2 - candidates will answer structured questions from the perspective of two production roles on their selected text (10 marks)
  • Section 3 – candidates will complete one Performance Analysis essay (20 marks)

The Course will be graded A–D.