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Wider Achievement

The department is fully committed to supporting the wider achievement of the pupils in the school.

Drama is a subject that requires a great deal of peer trust, and so it plays an important role in teaching communication, listening and empathy skills. It is an important tool for preparing students to live and work in a world that is increasingly team oriented.

Through the curricular and extra-curricular work offered by the department, we aim to support pupils in:

  • Developing their literacy skills
  • Building their self-esteem and confidence
  • Encouraging team work
  • Promoting tolerance and empathy
  • Promoting a safe place to express emotions
  • Teaching problem solving skills
  • Having fun!

S1 Pantomime Club (October-December):

The department offers the opportunity for all S1 pupils to be involved in the Pantomime Club following the October holiday each year. Mr Purvis leads this group and scripts an original text which is performed to a school audience of staff and pupils prior to the Christmas holidays. This is a fantastic opportunity for S1 pupils to develop their skills in characterisation, and helps build their confidence as they progress through the Drama course in class. This performance has become a highlight of the school calendar over the past 3 years and, each year, we are delighted to involve around 60 of our S1 pupils in the process.

School Show (April-October):

Our Junior School Show takes place each year in October and has been a significant event in the school and across the community since it began back in 1990. Auditions are open to all S1-S3 pupils in March, with rehearsals beginning following the Easter holidays. The cast perform at our annual Choral Shield at the Civic Centre in June, with the final show performing to an audience of over 1000 the first week of October. The department is keen to involve as many of our pupils as possible, and recruits an additional 100 pupils through our supporting technical teams (Sound, Lighting, Props, and Set Design). This means that, should performing not be for you, there are other ways to get involved.

Professional Theatre Visits:

Each year, the department aims to offer each year group the opportunity to attend a live theatrical production. We organise a visit to the local Pantomime at Motherwell Civic Centre each year for our S1 pupils, and offer visits throughout the school year for all other year groups.

We are committed to supporting local theatres and companies, as well as seeking opportunities for our pupils to experience a wide range of performances, from musical theatre to creative movement. Theatre visits are promoted in classes and on the department theatre board.

Pupil Achievement:

The department is committed to recognising and celebrating our pupils’ achievement out with school. We are always happy to promote any involvement in the creative arts on our theatre board outside the department, and encourage our pupils to attend local performances as much as possible.