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Aims of the English Department

The aims of the department reflect the requirements of the discipline at all levels, and conform to school, divisional and national directives.

  • To encourage and foster positive learning which challenges all individuals, taking account of their personal needs and preferences.
  • To provide appropriate courses which are stimulating, challenging and rewarding.
  • To foster an awareness and understanding of the world in which we exist, in both human and physical terms.
  • To elicit and encourage an appreciation of other peoples and cultures.
  • To prepare students for life outwith school and to equip them with the skills which they will require.
  • To encourage good citizenship and responsibility.
  • To encourage the development of rational thought and analytical skills.
  • To implement whole-school policy via the curriculum, liaison with SMT and Pupil Support, and by exhibiting good practice.
  • To provide a safe and healthy environment conducive to learning and teaching for students and staff.
  • To promote the physical, ethical and emotional development of all students and staff.
  • To promote the positive ethos espoused by the school, and to foster respect for others.
  • To promote positive links with associated primary schools, Learning Support and the Guardians of our students.
  • To assist in maintaining and enhancing the reputation of the department and the school at every opportunity.

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  • Mrs K. Lawrie - Principal Teacher
  • Mrs J. Anderson - Teacher of English
  • Mrs J. Kazeminia - Teacher of English
  • Miss A. O'Neill - Teacher of English
  • Mrs P. McCrory - Teacher of English
  • Mr S. Purvis - Teacher of English
  • Mr R. Townsley - Teacher of English/Media Studies
  • Miss S. Hughes - Probationer Teacher