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S6-Advanced Higher English


The Advanced Higher English course is intended to broaden the Language and Literature experience of candidates and extend their skills in English in ways which allow them to develop their interests within a framework of some choice. Successful completion of the course should be personally and vocationally rewarding, providing an entry qualification appropriate to various Higher Education courses and one which signals a high degree of competence across a range of higher order skills.

Recommended Entry

Students for Advanced Higher English are expected to have gained a strong pass at Higher Grade English; they must also have enthusiasm and stamina for reading!

Advanced Higher Overview

Internal Unit assessments
1. Analysis and Evaluation of Literary Texts

  • Outcome 1: Critically analyse and evaluate complex and sophisticated literary texts in depth.
  • Outcome 2: Undertake research into an aspect or aspects of literature

2. Creation & Production

  • Outcome 1: Produce complex and sophisticated written texts.

Externally Examined Coursework: Portfolio

1. Dissertation

  • 2500–3000 words
  • 30%
  • Choice of prose, poetry or drama

2. Writing Folio

  • Two pieces of writing from a choice of genres
  • 30%

Exam question Paper

1. Literary study (Critical Essay) – no set texts

  • Choice of drama, poetry, prose fiction and prose non-fiction
  • 20%

2. Textual Analysis question paper

  • Choice of drama, poetry, prose fiction and prose non-fiction
  • 20%

For specimen papers and more information on Advanced Higher English please visit: www.sqa.org.uk