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Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities

History, Geography, RMPS and Modern Studies play a vital role in today’s society and the department aims to ensure each child has a positive learning experience to enhance their understanding of the world, both past and present.


  • Ms K Esdaile: (Faculty Head)
  • Mrs L Carrick (History / Modern Studies)
  • Mr D Gallacher (Geography / Modern Studies / Travel & Tourism)
  • Mrs J Higgins (Geography)
  • Miss S O’Brien (Geography)
  • Mrs L Rodgers (RMPS / Modern Studies)
  • Ms S McGeough (Modern Studies / History)

BGE Curriculum

The S1-S2 BGE Social Subjects course is a common course. Normally, one teacher will delivery all four social subjects to the class.

The topics covered in S1- 2 BGE are:

In S3-4 pupils exercise personalisation and choice can choose to study up to three Social Subjects. They will also have a period of core RMPS. Pupils will be presented at National 3, 4 or 5 level. In S3-4, they will study:

National Qualifications (S5-S6)