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Welcome to the Design Food and Textile Technology Department

Teaching Staff

  • Catherine Muir (PT)
  • Sharon McCully (PT) (Pupil Support Tutor - Greig)
  • Pauline Goodfellow (Pupil Support Tutor - Barclay)
  • Mary McCrae

Aims of the Department

  • To structure lessons that encourage and stimulate the development of individual ideas, and to further develop students' knowledge, understanding and communication skills.
  • To allow all students the opportunity to develop a wide range of necessary and useful skills, that will enable them to design and make high quality products, and more importantly to prepare them for life out of school.
  • To fully encourage the students to gain more confidence in their own abilities whilst also experiencing a range of interesting and creative activities.
  • To promote a very positive image of the subject in order to develop a professional regard for Design, Food Technology and Textile Technology as part of the general school curriculum, and not regard them merely as leisure or hobby pursuits.