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Health & Food Technology

Aims of the course

Why study Health and Food Technology?

The Food Industry is the LARGEST employer in the World!

Health and Food Technology focuses on the physical, chemical, nutritional, biological and sensory properties of food. The subject provides you with opportunities to study the relationship between the food we eat and our health, nutrition, functional properties of foods, lifestyle choices and consumer issues. It develops your awareness of how food choices can have a positive effect on your own health and the impact it has on the world around us. It will equip you with skills and knowledge that will enable you to become a lifelong informed food consumer. You’re encouraged to be creative in preparing and producing food and in evaluating finished products.

Course Content and Assessment

There are three units in the Health & Food Technology course:

  • Food for Health
  • Food Product Development
  • Contemporary Food Issues

These units will involve:

  • Exploring the relationships between health, nutrition and food.
  • Develop knowledge about the chemistry of food in food manufacture.
  • Investigate current issues affecting consumer food choice and the religious, moral, environmental and business impacts of those choices.
  • Use research, management and technological skills to plan, make and evaluate food products for a range of dietary and lifestyle needs.
  • Prepare food using safe and hygienic practices to meet specific needs.

Course Assessment

National 5

There are two parts to the National 5 course Assessment – externally marked by SQA.

  • A food product development assignment worth 50% of the final course marks.
  • A question paper worth 50% of the final course marks.

National 4

There are two parts to the National 4 course Assessment

  • Completion of the three unit assessments.
  • A food product development assignment – the Added Value Unit.


Course Level National 4 – Progress to National 5
Course Level National 5 – Progress to Higher
Other SQA qualifications in Hospitality: Practical Cookery or Practical Cake Craft.

Career Opportunities (optional)

Can lead to careers in:-

Food product Development 






Teaching – all teachers are responsible for Health & Wellbeing across the curriculum and Health & Food courses are highly valuable.