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Media Studies Department

The media is one of the most powerful, influential tools that we have today. It influences everything we do, such as: our opinions, attitudes, tastes and what we find entertaining. The aim of this course is to introduce the student to key ideas and strategies used in today’s media and how they affect us as individuals and a society.

The four main areas that are covered in this course are:

Ever wondered how a film can make you cry or feel excited? The aim of this unit is to broaden basic film knowledge and analyse the many sophisticated techniques that film-makers use to create the magic of cinema.

Ever wondered why people are addicted to soaps or how the news can shape your opinion? In this unit you can find out this and more. The aim of this unit is to analyse narrative techniques used in modern television and how they affect the viewer.

Ever wondered why whenever a coke advert is on you’ve got to have one straightaway? The aim of this unit is to explore the many sophisticated techniques that advertisers use to manipulate the public into buying their product.

Film Production
Ever wanted to be involved in film production? Then this is the course for you! In the practical element of the course you will be involved in the creative process of producing a short piece of film. This will require you to work as part of a team and be responsible for a key part of production.