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Welcome to the Faculty of Science. Science is a subject at the cutting edge of scientific research and development and covers a range of topics from the human genome to the expanding universe.

The Faculty Staff are:-

  • Mr M. Anderson (Principal Teacher)
  • Mr A. Moir
  • Mrs N. Martin
  • Mrs K. Heenan
  • Miss C. Winchester
  • Mrs G. Kelly
  • Mr J. Buchan
  • Mrs K. Toner
  • Mrs G. Abercrombie
  • Mr R. Carrol
  • Miss A.M. Smillie
  • Mr R. McLean


Aims of the Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science aims to:

  • encourage pupils to think critically
  • enhance pupils problem solving ability
  • help pupils gain an appreciation of the scientific method
  • encourage citizenship
  • contribute to the general, formal, education of its pupils, through their involvement with the processes of scientific investigation.
  • contribute to the personal and social development of its pupils, through the development of relationships between staff and pupils, encouragement of positive social attitudes, and respect for pupils as individuals.
  • increase the awareness of pupils of their own bodies, and to enable them to make informed choices in regard to health.
  • stimulate interest in and respect for the environment.
  • develop the pupils' understanding of the implications of human activity for the environment.
  • improve pupils' ability to make value judgements of human activities.
  • develop an understanding of the role that the laws of nature make on their daily lives.
  • increase awareness of the role that materials make to the world around them
  • prepare candidates as fully as possible for examinations administered by external agencies.