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As part of a broad general education, pupils in S1 and S2 follow an integrated science course. Pupils will focus on developing the knowledge and understanding, skills, attributes and capabilities detailed in the experiences and outcomes. Assessment in the sciences will focus on learners’ knowledge, understanding, skills, attributes and capabilities in the significant aspects of learning of:

1. Planet Earth
2. Forces, electricity and waves
3. Biological systems
4. Materials
5. Topical science
6. Inquiry and investigative skills
7. Scientific analytical thinking skills
8. Skills and attributes of scientifically literate citizens.

Our science course is designed so that pupils can see the overlaps between disciplines and to make links with other curricular areas.

National Qualifications

Pupils can elect to study science disciplines in more depth through the choices process. They can choose to study 1, 2 or all 3 of the science disciplines to National 5 level by the end of S4, up to higher by the end of S5 and Advanced Higher by the end of S6. Pupils can also continue with a broad science course up to the end of S4 up to national 4 level. This allows clear pathways for progression and gives pupils the opportunity to undertake work at a standard that is appropriate to their age and stage.