Health Fayre 2018

Another Health Fayre closes its door after a particularly busy week of activity. The theme this year was 'Keep the Balance' with a focus on the balance required between work and play, sleep and exercise, diet, liquid intake and physical skills. A balance is important - how can it be maintained?

Preparations for the event were badly hit by the Beast from the East which meant that as the school was closed for three days the previous week, the whole event set up had to be completed on the Monday morning and that the official opening was cancelled. Nevertheless, with the assistance of several senior pupils and other classes, things were quickly sorted and with the Hall filled with stalls and exhibitors classes arrived to view what was on offer.

Many congratulations to the following Primary pupils for their award winning programme cover entries.
Individual primary winners were

  • Lucy Carr - Ladywell
  • Zoe Watters - Knowetop
  • Mugadas Rasab - Glencairn

While the overall winner was - Ciara Dunn, Ladywell

The week included most of the by now most popular events although the Staff/Pupils rowing was cancelled due to lack of time - staff breathed a collective sigh of relief as the pupils have been on a roll in recent years! After all its one of those events where one side is becomes a year older each year while the other side retains its youth.

The Blood donor event was well attended but unfortunately the session was cut short after the nurses spotted a number of ants in the gymnasium. With blood products very precious and liable to contamination, the decision was taken to halt proceedings. Some 20 units were collected before the closure however, so it was still a worthwhile event.

Another big part of the health promotion is the Anthony Nolan charity, this visit the 3rd the school has hosted (it comes around every two years). In total some 88 volunteers stepped up to the plate to join the register, the majority coming from S5 and S6 with a couple of staff also volunteering. Many thanks to all those who offered their support - this is a life-saving decision should a match be found.

The lack of run in time prevented the hoped for turnout of S1/2 footballers for the Futsall tournament but it was extremely encouraging to see a trio of S1 girls playing some excellent football to challenge the boys.

The Beach Volleyball on Wednesday saw the usual host of keen and colourfully bedecked senior pupils in opposition. In the Boys event the 2017 winners, Callum Shaw and Oliver Reid, defended their title in fine style defeating Adam Barton and In the girls event, winners were Rebecca Hartlebury and Olivia McPherson defeating Abby Sloan and Simone Irvine.

Thursday saw the feeder primaries visit the Health Fayre and then take part in the Primary Sportshall. As always this was an incredibly noisy event as the primary pupils cheered their pals on. A very well contested event followed with over 150 pupils in attendance. Eventual winners were Ladywell who just shaded Knowetop. Glencairn came in a competitive third place. Many thanks to those senior pupils who helped officiate the event.

Friday was dress down activity day for the S1 to S3 year groups. Timetabled for an additional period of PE pupils were given the chance to opt for one of five different activities most of which are not readily available to these age groups. The fitness suite, Newcombe Ball, Rebound ball, Handball and table tennis were all on offer and these proved to be popular choices with activity the main feature.

As for the Assembly Hall activities, Mrs Allan and the school staff all helped supervise the stalls throughout the week. Split into small groups the pupils had five stations to move through. St Andrews Ambulance provided resuscitation information, CAHMs provided a colouring chart and a calm area for self-reflection, Mrs Allan supervised mind games while there was a Balance course with a variety of obstacles requiring the ability to move over and around. In addition, pupils were again measured and weighed so that they could maintain a note of their progress through their secondary school career. Many thanks to the volunteers who completed these tasks and to all other visiting exhibitors.

The school House challenge was to burn calories on the cycle ergometers. Each House was well represented by Senior pupils who encouraged younger pupils to complete a 1 minute cycle as fast as they were able and at as high an effort level as possible. Totals were entered on the calorie counter to see which House burned the highest number of calories. The winners were: 1st Barclay with 1,834 calories, 2nd Greig with 1,663 3rd Colville with 1,649 calories. Colville get extra points because they had the best average per pupil (8.72 compared with 8.4 and 7.8 for Barclay and Greig respectively).

As always events such as this depend on the availability of staff to produce the goods. Chaired by DHT Mrs Di Mambro the committee once again provided an interesting range of activities and stalls with, it can only be hoped, some thought-provoking material by which pupils will look at their life and health choices. Time was agin the event but it all came off - thanks to all those individuals and groups who helped in any way with the event. Special thanks to Tesco Bellshill and Tesco Wishaw for their very kind donation of fresh fruit throughout the week.

And so thoughts turn to 2019 and another Health Fayre - what will the theme be…? Watch this space!

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