Straight "A" Passes

Once again, I would like to congratulate our pupils on their outstanding exam results.

The level of excellence achieved by them is testimony to themselves, their parents and carers and, of course, their teachers, who worked tirelessly with them throughout the year.

The pupils achieveing 5 A's at higher level are:

  • Hira Ahmad
  • Anthony Cadden
  • Grace Callaghan
  • Anna Maria Herd
  • Anna Percy
  • Scott Graham Rankin
  • Adam Wilson
  • Michael Wright
  • Katie Hill

Our pupils achieving 7 A's at National 5:

  • Zaynab Ahmed
  • Mark Callaghan
  • Carys Ferguson
  • Colin Andrew Gass
  • Jamie Lawson
  • Eve McCandless
  • Ava McInnes
  • Emma Morrison
  • Louise Elizabeth Rankin
  • Jennifer Catherine Reilly
  • Charis Hope Ritchie
  • Callum Sergeant
  • Julia Izabela Szczudlinska
  • Nikodem Bieniek

Well Done Everyone !