SCCR Conference Visit

In our HID H&WB lessons we were looking at clips from the Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution and we wondered why there were no subtitles.

We wrote to them to explain how important subtitles are for hearing impaired people. Very soon we heard back from SCCR that they had some students from Napier University working on the materials. We then received an invitation to the SCCR Conference in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Edinburgh.

There were some speakers and a workshop and lots of lovely food and snacks. After lunch we heard Callum speak about his childhood which had been full of violence. He has been through such a lot, but he is now in a much better place and is trying to help other people deal with conflict..

We had our photos taken with Callum and also with Maree Todd who is the Minister for Children and Young People. 

Before we went to the conference, we weren’t sure what it would be like, but we had an amazing time. We felt as though people really wanted us to be there and to hear what we thought about the materials which can be used to help young people understand what conflict is and to find better ways of dealing with it in their lives. The two quizzes “Monkey V Lizard” and “Keep the Heid” are really good, and now that the video clips have sub-titles, we think that all young people in Scotland should have the chance to look at them.