"Oliver" Rehearsal Details

We are aware as a production team, that we will be unable to begin rehearsals as we usually do following the Easter break.

However, we know that you, like us, are fully committed to this show. The saying goes 'the show must go on', and indeed it must!!

There is no doubt in our minds that we have a cast full of talent, motivation and team spirit that will enable us to do the best we can with the circumstances we find ourselves in.

So, we WILL be starting rehearsals following the Easter holiday. Yes, they won't be face to face. They won't be with us all together. But we can, and will, do this!!

So, could all cast members of 'Oliver' please join us on Edmodo using code: itprwj

Enjoy your holiday, get your script, voices and dancing feet ready!!

After Easter, rehearsals begin.........šŸŽ­