Foodbank Collection

A group of our senior pupils arranged a food bank donation to Basics Food Bank in Motherwell in the hope of making a difference in the lives of many families across North Lanarkshire.

We set up three bins in the social area; one each for Barclay, Colville and Greig. Whilst it was a competition, it was truly admirable to see each house official donate not out of a hope of winning, but with the aim to do something good.

After three weeks of emptying bins only to have them full the next day, the tedious counting process began. House officials worked together to count the items, and in total, we were delighted to raise approximately 1250 items, including last minute donations, a number which exceeded our expectations!

Colville obtained the most, with 418 items, while Barclay was close behind with 401. Greig managed to raise 380.

We would like to thank everyone who donated; your generosity will truly make a difference.