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Burns Supper 2024

Dalziel High School was giein it laldi this week as members of our school community came together to celebrate the life and loves of Scotland's national poet, Robert Burns. Enjoying all of the tartan and tradition of a guid auld Burns Supper, they sang, danced and ate their way through a banquet of traditional Scottish cuisine and culture.

With Mrs Martin as our chair for the evening’s entertainment, Jewel Donkor was “offally” good as she piped in the haggis, respectfully followed by David McFadyen carrying the delicious dish on a silver tray.

Mr Purvis-Armour had the stomach to open the evening with guts, booming an “Address the Haggis”, before Ewan Bowman’s “Selkirk Grace” beckoned lentil soup, steak pie and refreshments for the pure starvin crowd.

After the purvey, Jill Nicholls, our friend and the former headteacher of Knowetop, our associate primary, delivered an impressive Immortal Memory before Greig captains Rajandeep Singh and Rachel Watson toasted - or perhaps “roasted” - the lassies and the laddies.

Afterwards, our pupils lead a celebration of Scots culture with S2 Kaylah Cassidy performing two pure deid brilliant highland dances and Shona Leitch piping up and reminding us that “A Man’s a Man For Aw That.”

Finally, Mrs McKenzie from Music was proud to present the musical climax of the evening. With nine pipers and four drummers under the expert tuition of Mr Cowie and Mr Nelson, they took our hearts to the highlands before accompanying the school choir on pieces such as “Highland Cathedral”, “Caledonia” and “Scotland the Brave.”

After a vote of thanks from School Captain Ewan Bowman, the weans were soon partin’ from the tartan with eyes as misty as the glens and Irn Bru on their lips.