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Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities

History, Geography, RMPS and Modern Studies play a vital role in today’s society and the department aims to ensure each child has a positive learning experience to enhance their understanding of the world, both past and present.

  • Ms K Esdaile (History) - Faculty Head
  • Mr D Gallacher (Geography / Travel & Tourism / PT Future Friday)
  • Mrs J Higgins (Geography)
  • Mrs L Rodgers (RMPS / Modern Studies)
  • Ms McGeough (Modern Studies, Politics)
  • Mr J Shanks (History)
  • Mr T Taylor (Modern Studies)

S1 Courses

  • Geography: Our Planet, Tourism in Scotland
  • History: Understanding Time, Medieval Scotland
  • Modern Studies: Democracy, Children in Need
  • RMPS: World Religions, Multi-Cultural Scotland

S2 Courses

  • Geography: Climate Change, Dealing with Disaster
  • History: Russian Revolution, Wild West
  • Modern Studies: Conflict, China
  • RMPS: Life After Death, The Only Way is Ethics

S3 Courses

  • Geography: Physical Environments, Global Issues
  • History: Scotland in the Era of WWI, The Atlantic Slave Trade
  • Modern Studies: Crime and the Law, World Power: USA
  • RMPS: World Religion: Hinduism, Morality and Relationships: Gender Equality and Exploitation

S4 Courses

  • Geography: Human Environments, Mapping, Assignment
  • History: Germany 1919-39, Assignment
  • Modern Studies: Democracy in the UK, Assignment
  • RMPS: Religious and Philosophical Questions, Assignment

S5/6 Courses

  • Geography: Human Environments, Physical Environments, Global Issues, Geographical Skills.
  • History: Britain and Ireland 1900-1925, USA 1920-1968, Scottish Wars of Independence 1286-1328
  • Modern Studies: Democracy in the UK, Social Issues: Inequality, International Issues: Development in Africa.
  • RMPS: Morality and Medicine, Religious and Philosophical Questions, World Religion: Christianity.
  • Politics: Political Theory, Political Systems and Political Parties and Elections.
  • Travel and Tourism: UK and World, Customer Service, Scotland, and Employability.

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