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School Captain/Vice Captain 2022-23

School Captain Vice Captain
Rachel Reilly
Rachel Reilly
Oliver Fry
Oliver Fry

School Captain
I am delighted and honoured to have been elected as this year's School Captain which so far has been a surreal and exciting experience. I would like to thank all teachers and pupils who voted for me, I hope that I can make you all proud and help to make the school a fun and inclusive environment for everyone. With this being the first school term in the last few years without any Covid restrictions we are planning to hold a full school calendar of events, just like we had in the past - especially for our S1 pupils, so they can see what being a Dalzielian is all about.

By far one of the best parts about taking on this role, is the amazing people I get to work with along the way. I would like to give a massive congratulations to this year's School Vice-Captain, Ollie Fry. I know how hard a worker Ollie is and how he will thrive in his new role. He is one of my oldest and closest friends and, not only do we share many (many!!) horrendous pictures of us as babies together, we also now share the title of the School Captains. I could not be happier to have him as my partner during this exciting, yet challenging, year and l'm sure we will make a great team.

Congratulations should also go to our amazing group of house officials - we are so lucky to have a team of talented people, with such a broad range of skills, helping to build upon the great work done by previous years. I can't wait to work with them all and I'm sure interhouse competitions will be "interesting" this year!

We hope all year groups have a fantastic year packed full of memories that will last a lifetime. With the fantastic team of house officials we will all work to 'Aim for the highest but to also make this an unforgettable year for you all. If there is anything I can do to help any of you, please come and speak to me.

I'm really grateful for this experience, thank you so much.

Vice Captain
Now that we are post-pandemic, it feels good to have started a school year without any restrictions. I’m looking forward to the return of all school activities and events that we have missed in the last two years. It’s great to be back!

It's thrilling, yet humbling, to have been entrusted with the role of school vice captain. A big thank you to everyone who voted for me. Whilst I take the responsibility that the role brings seriously, I will aim to undertake my duties with a smile and generous helpings of good humour throughout the year.

I'm chuffed to bits that everybody in sixth year gets to enjoy their last year of school, actually in school. And that all house officials can work together, in person, to help make the year a success. I’d like to congratulate all house officials on being elected, and in particular, our School Captain, Rachel Reilly. Rachel and I have known each other for a long time (since we were babies!), and have grown up together. She is one of my best and longest friends, so I am delighted to be supporting her in her leadership role. Well done Rachel!! We’re going to have a busy year - Christmas dances, inter-house competitions, prom, choral shield (to name a few) - but I can’t wait to get started.

I’ve learned so much in my time at Dalziel, and I hope all pupils enjoy it as much as I have. Dalziel is a fantastic learning environment. The opportunities and teacher support provided to all pupils is something I am privileged to have experienced. I can’t wait for the fun and success I know this year will bring to all Dalzielians. Summa Petenda!