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School Captain/Vice Captain 2020-21

School Captain Vice Captain
Callum Sergeant
Callum Sergeant
Michael Bolat
Michael Bolat

School Captain
In the year that could not get any worse, people surely could not suffer anymore, I’ve been chosen as School Captain. Yes, it's been the worst year on the calendar for some time, and joking aside, it's going to be tough for everyone, not least my brilliant Vice, Michael, and House Officials, but the Dalziel spirit remains in these, the hardest of times.

No group of Officials has ever started a year quite like this one before, and the challenge of keeping some-sort of normality is going to be one like no other, never mind trying to get enough done to fill 200 odd pages of Dalzielian at the end of it all.

However the position we are in just now means that almost nothing is certain, but what I can say is this, we are going to remember this year for all the right reasons, not the wrong… and the bit about bulk buying bog roll.

Cheers, Callum.

Vice Captain
In a year where a global pandemic took over the world, the royal family got a bit smaller, and toilet roll became the most desirable thing on the shopping list, the last thing I thought that would happen was me getting Vice Captain of the school. It is such an honor to be given this role, and I hope I can meet the standards of my predecessors.

While this position will be especially difficult this year, I’m sure that myself, the School Captain Callum, and the recently announced house officials will do our best to keep Dalziel High School’s spirits high and give the pupils the most enjoyable experience that we can!