All Pupils should experience a rich numeracy learning environment and ensuring that all of our young people are numerate is a very important curricular responsibility of this school. All of our subjects have exposure to numeracy and are expected to develop this throughout their courses as part of Curriculum for Excellence.

  • Our pupils ought to leave our school with a level of numeracy which allows them to cope with the demands of life beyond school.
  • We try to ensure that there is a consistent approach to the development of numeracy for all pupils.

A numerate person should be able to:

  • Use money with confidence.
  • Use multiplication tables.
  • Handle time with confidence
  • Use different types of measurement
  • Understand ratio, proportion, fractions and percentages
  • Interpret graphs, maps and tables

In order to provide you with further information, particularly with regard to consistency methods, please refer to our numeracy booklet which is on this website.

Numeracy Booklet - 2019-20.pdf
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