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History of the School

Dalziel High School has had a long and successful career since it was first opened in 1898. It continues to be one of the top schools in Lanarkshire. The school has seen many changes in not only the academic aspect, but within the community in which it serves. The school roll has seen drastic changes during these years, peaking during the seventies at one thousand one hundred pupils, and currently standing at just under one thousand.

In the past, we have revamped the school image, all standards, practices, policies and procedures in a measured way. The school motto "Summa Petenda" (Aim for the Highest) is now being used to its full potential.

Our academic success continues to impress, with outstanding SQA results for our school, especially at Higher – these results reflect the hard work done by pupils and the support they receive both in school and at home. It is always gratifying to have our high standards recognised by outside agencies, and we were pleased to receive a very positive report from Education Scotland after our school inspection report in October 2018. More recently during Covid lockdowns and restrictions, we were pleased to receive an outstanding report for the Customer Service Excellence Award, which focused on digital learning and supporting pupils in February 2021.

Dalziel has progressed from an average performing, dormant school and into one of the success stories of the country.