Customer Service Excellence Award 2019

Once again, the school embarked upon the Customer Service Excellence Award and we were delighted to obtain the award for another year. The audit took place on Thursday 6th December and the assessor met with staff and pupil forums, as well as the Senior Management to audit the learning and teaching taking place across the school community.

This year the school achieved 27 Compliance Plus categories (‘behaviours or practices which exceed the requirements of the standard and are viewed as exceptional or as exemplar to others’). This is a huge achievement and, along with 37 areas of Good Practice, these are the best results to date for Customer Service Excellence since the school first obtained the award back in 1999.

The assessor highlighted the significant work committed to areas such as Transition, Monitoring and Tracking and Learning and Teaching, as well as the success of Partnerships and the commitment to supporting pupils from BGE to Senior Phase, the two focus areas for this year.

Aspects of the audit gaining Compliance Plus include:

  • Primary Transition, including staff visits to associated primaries
  • School results and the use of results data to celebrate success
  • Pastoral Support system recognising and meeting pupil needs
  • School tutorial system, including work with Partnership Officer and agencies
  • The Nurture programme
  • Hearing Impaired support
  • Pupil and Parent consultation
  • Target Setting and Reporting
  • Pupil involvement and leadership within the school
  • Staff commitment to both curricular and extra-curricular work
  • Summer School provision
  • Communication with stakeholders
  • Vocational opportunities and partnerships
  • Commitment to and involvement in the wider community

The assessor made particular mention of the clear commitment and hard work of all staff within the school, as well as the very positive attitude and work ethic of the pupils he met during his visit, stating ‘There is a real sense of pride and belonging across the school’. The school, as always, is delighted to receive such recognition for the continuing work, support and efforts of everyone invested in Dalziel High, and we look forward to preparing again next year to retain the award.

A very sincere thanks to all staff, pupils and parents who were involved in the inspection, and a huge congratulations to the entire Dalziel High school community.

To view the Customer Service Excellence Report 2019, click the link below:-

Customer Service Excellence Report - 2019.pdf
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