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Future Fridays

What is Future Fridays ?

Future Friday is an enrichment afternoon organised by North Lanarkshire Council, in partnership with Dalziel High School, Community Learning and Development and Active Schools. The Principal Teacher at Dalziel High School is Mr D. Gallacher. Formal education ends at 12.30 pm and the afternoon is the opportunity for all learners to get involved in new activities which will enrich their educational experience. All pupils are eligible and encouraged to take part in the enrichment activities on a Friday afternoon.

What is expected of pupils at Future Friday?

It is important that pupils attend the sessions they have signed up to. If they are taking part in an opportunity where accreditation is available, they must take responsibility for record keeping and adhering to deadlines. The school cafeteria will be available to all pupils during lunch time (12.30- 1.15pm). However, from 1.15 pm pupils should only be in the building if they are engaging in a Future Friday Activity.

Have your say

Throughout the year there will be opportunities for pupils and parents to have their say on various aspects of the Future Friday. This will take place in the form of surveys and focus groups. However, Mr Gallacher (Principal Teacher Future Friday) can be contacted at the school if you have any queries.

Activities on Offer

At Dalziel High School, Future Fridays are organised in blocks. Each block runs for 6 or 8 weeks. We operate the block system to allow the young people to get involved in as many different activities as possible. This means they could get involved in 6 different enrichment blocks throughout the year. We offer a wide array of activities which fall into the following categories:

Future Friday

Session 2021/22 marked the first year of Future Fridays. In this year we were able to offer the following opportunities to our learners: NCL taster sessions in Childcare, Social Work and Coding, NLC Pathways Programme, Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Dance, Gymnastics, Duke of Edinburgh, Bagpiping, Drums, Drama Club, Chess Club, Bike Ability Level 2 and 3, Cycling at Strathclyde Park, Rowing, Multisport, Fitness, Personal Training, Film Club, Young STEM Leader, Learning to Learn Sessions, Supported Study Masterclasses, Yoga and Primary School Work Placements with Glencairn Primary.

In Session 2022/23 we are looking to expand our Future Friday offering, which will include: 4 months of work experience for S4 pupils, Football performance and fitness coaching with coaches from Motherwell FC, Spotlight on careers sessions, more partnerships with Active Schools including Fitness, Basketball and Dance, First Aid, Heart Start Training, Chess Club, Volleyball, Bike Ability and more opportunities for awards and accreditation. This is just a glimpse of what will be on offer in 2022/23. The Block 1 Dalziel High School Activity Brochure is available by downloading the file below:-

How do I sign up ?

Pupils will sign up through a Microsoft form, posted on their year group Health and Wellbeing teams page. This form will be available to access 2 weeks before a new block begins. Pupils should attend the for the whole block, but can switch to try something new in the following block. We encourage pupils to attend the whole block as many of are opportunities are either paid for, or volunteers giving up their own time. An activity brochure will be available shortly which describes the different activities on offer. Before each block parents will receive a group call text with a link to the sign up form. This will allow you to encourage your child to attend.