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Art, Design & Photography

Welcome to the Art and Design and Photography department website. The Art and Design and Photography Department is a friendly place where all pupils are encouraged to thrive and reach their creative potential.

Its welcoming atmosphere is evident through the numerous pupils who choose to spend time in the department often dedicating their own time away from timetabled lessons to continue to develop skills and create Art and Design and Photography Portfolios.

The capacity to be creative is one of the most sought-after skills in employment today.

The Art and Design and Photography department, not only gives pupils experience of a range of exciting new techniques, but also fosters a mind-set that allows them to adapt and look at each new challenge creatively.

  • Mrs. K Houston - Principal Teacher
  • Mrs J DiMambro - DHT
  • Mrs S MacKay
  • Mrs A Emery
  • Mr C Gourlay

Pupils follow a broad general education in S1-3, where pupils are encouraged to explore a wide range of two- and three-dimensional media and technologies through practical activities, whilst creating, expressing, and communicating ideas.

In the senior phase, pupils have the opportunity to study:

  • National 4 Art and Design
  • National 5 Art and Design
  • Higher Art and Design
  • Higher Photography
  • Advanced Higher Art and Design (Design)
  • Advanced Higher Art and Design (Expressive)