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Science & Technology Fayre 2012

The Science & Technology Fayre 2012 was an incredible success and it was evident just how much time and effort all the pupils and members of staff devoted to the successful completion of the science projects. 

Thursday 14th and Friday 15th of June were the dates of the 5th Annual Dalziel Science Fayre.

The Fayre was officially opened by two NASA Astronauts and a NASA space suit designer who gave a presentation to the S4 scientists before a question and answers session at the end.

The Fayre involved all 180 first year pupils and our three associated primary school P7 Pupils. The final groups were judged by a series of external judges from Science and Industry who found it very difficult to judge the winning group for each category.

This years winning group was "A Shade Greener" who were investigating recycling and tutored by the Science Technicians. By upcycling many different materials they created fashion, jewellery and funky accessories which included a bag made out of sweet wrappers and a dress made from physics tests.

Science Fayre Winning Group 2012

The Science & Technology Fayre Photo Gallery 2012 can be viewed by clicking Here