School Captain/Vice Captain 2009-10

School Captain Vice Captain
Laura McCartney
Laura McCartney
Matthew Craig
Matthew Craig

School Captain
Hi, I'm Laura and I am pleased to have been selected for the job of being School Captain for 2009-2010. Before I go on and tell you about my duties, I would just like to thank the people who voted for me and I hope I don't disappoint! Secondly, I would like to congratulate Matthew and all the House Officials - I'm sure this will be a great team!
As School Captain, I mainly work with Matthew to fulfil my tasks. Together we arrange events and rotas for the House Teams to make things go smoothly. We also have to represent the school at different events in the community and also communicate with audiences. I am looking forward to organising the Leavers Dance and also getting involved in the Choral Shield and with everyone in the school, as I hope to be as approachable and reliable as possible.

Vice Captain
Hello, I'm Matthew, School Vice Captain for 2009-2010. In this role I am kept very busy because as well as the events Laura has already mentioned, we have to help organise the Firpark School Christmas Party, speak at events such as the Interhouse Public Speaking and also have ordered Leavers Hoodies for most of sixth year. We are also on the Pupil Representative Council, where we have an input into what happens around the school. I am really enjoying my time as School Vice Captain because it gives me a chance to be involved with almost everyone in the school from the Star Pupil Scheme to speaking at assemblies. I would also like to congratulate Laura and the House Officials and wish them all success for the coming year.

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