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Mobile Phones

Dalziel High School is a mobile phone free school.

As you may be aware there has been a lot of recent attention in the news with regards to the effects of mobile phones in schools. The United Nations stated in July 2023 that mobile devices in schools can cause distraction, risk pupil privacy and lead to cyber-bullying. Whilst we do understand that mobile phones are very much a part of modern-day life, we are keen to minimise any disruptions to learning at Dalziel, so that our young people can be included in our lessons, respect others learning, and achieve in their lessons by maximising their learning opportunities when in class.

We are therefore looking for your support in reinforcing our school rules to support our young people to focus on their learning. While mobile phones can be brought to school they are not to be seen, heard, or used at any time whilst in the school building. This includes interval, lunch and during transitions.

We will remind pupils of this at their year group assembly and this message will continuously be reiterated. We are asking families to take time to read our guidelines and reinforce this at home. We appreciate your support in ensuring these guidelines are followed:-

  • Mobile phones should be switched off and placed in a school bag at the start of the school day before entering the building
  • If a young person does not have a school bag with them – they will be asked to put their phone on the teachers’ desk
  • Earphones/headphones/airpods should not be used in the school building
  • Phones should not be taken to the toilet when excused from class they should remain in their school bag while in the school building
  • Pupils are advised to keep their personal details secure
  • Pupils can use their mobile phones outwith the school building at interval and lunch
  • If a parent needs to contact their child in the event of an emergency, please contact our school office 01698 274 900

If the guidelines above are not followed:

  • Teachers will pass the phone to the relevant DHT and the phone can be collected at the end of the school day
  • If this occurs, young people will not have access to their mobile phones to purchase lunch – lunch will be provided by the school from the canteen
  • If this is a repeated occurrence, parents will be asked to collect the phone from the school

Thank you again for your assistance and support with this communication – it is very much appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
Mrs Martin