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Fair Trade Policy

Dalziel High School is committed to promoting Fairtrade whenever possible. The school is committed to ensuring all pupils are responsible citizens and effective contributors. Great emphasis is placed on pupils' understanding of the wider environment and how their actions can improve the quality of life in the developing countries through fair international trade.

The Fairtrade Foundation has outlined five goals to achieve Fairtrade status and our commitment to them is as follows:

  • Steering Group
    The Fairtrade Steering Group will meet every 2 weeks. Its job will be to continuously monitor and improve the school's approach to Fairtrade. They will also organise events throughout the year to promote and raise awareness of Fairtrade. The group will include representatives from staff - teaching and non-teaching - and pupils alike.
  • Sale of Fairtrade Products
    The School will sell Fairtrade products at parents' evenings and social events within the school and on any other appropriate occasion.
  • Hospitality
    The School will commit to extending the use of Fairtrade tea and coffee at all internal meetings and will encourage the use of Fairtrade products when preparing cooking for Fairtrade events.
  • Promotion
    The School will promote the sale of Fairtrade products via the following methods:
    • Informing parents and the local community through newsletters and the local newspaper regarding Fairtrade events and pupil/staff participation.
    • Displaying articles and other appropriate materials on school noticeboards and the school website.
    • Raising awarenesss of Fairtrade to all pupils during Fairtrade Fortnight every March and organising promotional events to support this.
    • Fairtrade resources and lesson plans will be available for teachers to use.
  • Staff and Student Support
    All members of the School will be actively encouraged to support the Fairtrade policy. Details of this policy will be communicated throughout the school and their efforts to support Fairtrade will be strongly encouraged.

Jaclyn Martin
Head Teacher, Dalziel High School