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Technician Service

What does the Technician Team provide?

The responsibility of the Technician Team in Dalziel is to provide a first-class support service to the teaching staff of individual departments. The Technician Team comprises of 4 members of staff; a Senior Technician, two Science Technicians and a Technical Technician.

Who is involved?

Mr Wallace, the Senior Technician, also fulfills the role of ICT Technician. Operating as a full working member of the Technician Team, he ensures the effective and safe operation of the Technician Service within Science, Technical and ICT departments. He has the responsibility for the coordination of the Technician Service within the School in addition to liaising with external agencies.

As ICT Technician, he also provides support to all departments, in particular offering a first line repair and maintenance programme on ICT and Network equipment which includes Servers, PC's, Printers, Monitors etc. In addition, he gives support and advice on the purchasing of ICT equipment and ensures that the appropriate Health & Safety legislation is adhered to.

Mrs Simpson, the Science Technician, provide a back-up service to the Science Department. Their duties include servicing the Science Laboratories, construction of apparatus, preparation of materials for class use, maintenance of stock records and compliance with Health & Safety legislation. They work in collaboration with the teaching staff and Senior Technician in order to provide an essential service to the school.

As the Technical Technician, Mr Thomson, has the key role of providing support for the safe and effective operation of the Technical Department. His remit includes the maintenance, repair, storage and availability of equipment as well as the preparation of materials for woodwork and metalwork classes. He also offers support for the implementation of Health & Safety procedures within the school. As in all other areas of the Technician Service provided in Dalziel, the Technical Technician works closely with the Teaching Staff and the Senior Technician.