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Physical Education

Welcome to the PE department

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  • G. Calder (HWB Faculty Head)
  • R. Wood (Pupil Support Tutor – Greig)
  • M. Clyde (Principal Teacher Pupil Support - Greig)
  • C. Gibson (Pupil Support Tutor – Greig)
  • C. Darroch

S1-3 Broad General Education

The focus of BGE PE is to build upon and develop:-

  • physical competencies – including co-ordination and fluency, balance and control, rhythm and timing
  • cognitive skills – including decision making, problem solving, cue recognition, focus and concentration
  • personal qualities – including motivation, respect and tolerance, responsibility and leadership confidence and self esteem
  • physical skills – stamina, speed, core stability and strength, flexibility

All of S1 & S2 PE is at Dalziel Park which pupils are bussed to for a double period each week.

Over the 3 year course all pupils will experience the following activities:-

Netball  Rugby  Football  Gymnastics
 Hockey  Handball  Tennis  Oreenteering
 Volleyball  Fitness  Badminton  Table Tennis
 Cross Country  Athletics  Softball  Summer Games

S3 Elective PE

This course prepares pupils for National 4/5 PE in S4. This course is predominantly practical whilst beginning to drip feed some more of the theoretical aspects, terminology and understanding of the National 4/5 into learning and teaching.

National 4 & National 5 PE

The purpose of the course is to enable candidates to demonstrate and develop movement and performance skills in physical activities. By engaging in practical activities, candidates will demonstrate initiative, decision-making and problem solving.

The course encourages candidates to develop a positive attitude towards a healthy lifestyle.

The skills, knowledge and understanding that candidates acquire by successfully completing this course are transferable to learning, life and the world of work.

Find out more here:

PE - National 4 - National Parent Forum of Scotland

PE - National 5 - National Parent Forum of Scotland

Higher PE

The Higher PE course consists of 5 units which are covered during practical (4 periods per week) and theory (2 periods per week)

  • Unit 1 - Factors impacting on performance
  • Unit 2 – Method of Collecting Information
  • Unit 3 – Key Planning Information and Carrying out a Personal Development Plan
  • Unit 4 – Monitoring and Evaluating
  • Unit 5 – Scenario

At the end of each unit there is a Progress Checkpoint Question Paper to consolidate learning and inform next steps in learning and teaching as well as proving specific feedback and target setting for pupils.

The course assessment consists of 2 components:-

  • 50% exam
  • 50% practical performance

Find out more Here Higher Physical Education – National Parent Forum of Scotland (

Sports Leadership

The SCQF Level 6 Award in Leadership consists of two units of work including 10 hours of demonstration of leadership and 30 hours of voluntary leadership. This will be completed in school through; primary placements, leading in school and the organisation and planning of whole school events.

  • Unit 1 - An Introduction to Leadership
  • Unit 2 - Leadership in Practice

Fitness and Leisure

In addition to all of the above, Senior pupils in S5 and S6 can opt to take a Fitness and Leisure Course. This involves 6 weeks blocks of physical activity and sport. Where possible we make use of Dalziel Park and other external venues. You cannot select Fitness and Leisure and Higher PE in the same year.

Extra-Curricular Sport and Physical Activity

Dalziel High School prides itself on providing a host of opportunities for pupils to participate in sport out-with the normal school day. Many staff give freely of their time to offer their expertise in a wide range of sports and activities. These are very popular amongst the pupils.

This years Extra-curricular programme is available below:

The school also looks to compete in as many NLC and NGB competitions as is possible. Teams are regularly entered into netball, football, rugby, basketball athletic, badminton, cross-country and volleyball competitions. Win or lose these activities offer pupils the opportunity of experiencing competitive sport. Inherent within this is the development of self-esteem, confidence, discipline, co-operation, working with others and, perhaps most importantly, of having lots of fun!

Furthermore, the department runs trips to sporting events throughout the year include premier league football games, Sirens netball, Scotland Womens football and Glasgow Rocks Basketball