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Science & Technology Fayre 2017

This years 2017 Science & Technology Fayre was another resounding success.

Every S1 pupil works in a group of 4 pupils on a topic selected by the group. Topics were as diverse as always ranging from The Northern Lights to Bermuda Triangle to Electromagnetism to The Four Seasons to How Many Nappies Are Needed to Absorb All Water in Strathclyde Loch.

The winners of the Primary 7 Science Fayres of Knowetop (Chromatography), Glencairn (Fidget Spinners) and Ladywell (Sun Tan Lotion) also presented their projects in the Primary School Competition.

16 groups from the near 50 original groups who started were selected for the final on 9th June 2017 and the standard was extremely high. Six former pupils who are now engineers, scientists and medical students were invited back to judge the Science Fayre and they were blown away by the enthusiasm and knowledge of our pupils. It was certainly a tough call to decide the winners.

The winning groups were:

Primary 7 Winner: Knowetop Primary School (Chromatography)

Rachel Reilly, Rebecca Cunningham, Charlotte Simpson and Sarah Falconer

S1 Dalziel High School Winner: Sugar v Sweetener 1E

Brooke Gallacher, Millie Laird, Daisy Paterson, Jenna Murray and Laila Silvey

S1 Best Presentation: Selective Breeding 1D

Luc MacDonald, Sarah McDermott and Venessa Pariseau

Well done to everyone involved with this years Science Fayre !

To view the Science & Technology Fayre 2017 Photo Gallery, click Here