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S1 Panto Club

The S1 Panto Club was proud to present their “Future Friday” production of “Barclay and the Beast” on Monday the 18th of December. With thirty-two pupils in the limelight, Mr Purvis, Mrs. Kelly, Miss Hughes, Mr. Strachan and Miss McAllister of the English and Drama Faculty welcomed pupils and staff for this Motherwell version of the class fairytale.

Dalziel is pure sick of life in Motherwell: chased by Co-Vile, the heartthrob of the town, and his gruesome sidekick, Greig, she dreams of a life of adventure away from the abandoned Wilkos of Brandon Parade.

But when her father, Da-L, is kidnapped by the beastly Beast, she is forced to sacrifice her freedom for her auld da and become a prisoner. With Chandler the Candle, Ma Brew the Teapot, Sir Thyme the Clock and Mirror the… urm… Mirror to guide her, Dalziel learns to live as the Beast learns to love.

With laughs, song and a splash of Stockholm Syndrome, this was a great afternoon of festive fun to ring in the bells for the Christmas break